Ride or Die

Ride or Die – S01E02 – Wendigo

Sam and Dean follow their father’s breadcrumb trail to Blackwater Ridge, and Pru and Waldorph discuss the many and varied ways in which they hate nature but in extremely specific and different ways.

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Pru: 2/5
Waldorph: 3/5

Things to Do Instead of Watching Supernatural:

Watch Due South (YouTube)
Watch The X-Files, S1E03, “Squeeze” (Amazon)

Ride or Die – S01E01 – Pilot

In our pilot episode on the pilot episode, Waldorph and Pru explore the promise of the premise of the series, practice willful ignorance about the future, and ruin the name “Mary.”

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Pru: 3.5/5
Waldorph: 4/5

Things to Do Instead of Watching Supernatural:

Watch Leverage (Netflix)
Watch Nirvana in Fire (DramafeverViki)

Live to ride (or die) again – new ep up!

Ride or Die — You were warned — Teaser Trailer

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “God, I wish two nerds would go through the Supernatural canon episode by episode in podcast format,” Waldorph and Pru are here to make your terrible dreams come true. Join us starting June 2018 for a death march through the CW’s Supernatural, because for better or worse, it turns out we’re ride or die about this show.

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Ride or Die — or — Porque no los dos?

Welcome to Ride or Die, the home of a podcast where Waldorph and Pru strap in for the long haul to watch and talk about the CW’s Supernatural — one episode at a time, from the pilot.

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Our official launch will be in June 2018, so buckle up!