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Ride or Die is a labor of love…or if not love just sheer stupidity, which is sometimes the same thing.

That said, it is not a free labor of love, so if you’re enjoying what we’re doing, we’d really appreciate you clicking on over to our Patreon and make a recurring donation. We have no plans to advertise and we’re not going to take any pages from the John Winchester School of Boys Who Shoot Ghosts Real Good Method of Making Money which is mostly, as far as we can tell, a whole lot of fraud and some actual theft, which at least one of us isn’t down with. No points for guessing which.

So, if you are enjoying listening to us suffer and fumble our way through pretending to be Supernatural virgins all over again, please share the podcast with your friends and become a donor so we can keep this show going.

Thanks for supporting us in this death march through Supernatural: we really do appreciate it.