Ride or Die

Ride or Die – S01E09 – Home

Break out your aloe vera infused tissues and fire suppressants, folks, because this week, we’re headed back to Lawrence, Kansas to experience new and different versions of our childhood trauma with Ride or Die – S1E09 – Home! Sidebar: Also, Pru at one point refers to the Kentucky basketball team, when she means Kansas and obviously the Jayhawks. It is a sin of tomfoolery from which she will never recover, and begs you, and Roy Williams’ forgiveness. 

Episode Ratings:
Waldorph: 5/5
Pru: 5/5

Things to Do Instead of Watching Supernatural:
Waldorph: Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur
Pru: Golden State Killer is caught! 

Live to ride (or die) again – new ep up!

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